Spitch is a global provider of B2B and B2C conversational solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. With its headquarters in Switzerland and a widespread presence in Europe and North America, Spitch is at the side of companies in understanding and serving the customer at its best ,through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Arti-ficial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Why we decided to collaborate with Spitch

In the vision of this company, the availability and usability of content become a key driver for Customer Care.

Aryanna Knowledge Management helps companies to create and/or review contents with the aim of making them quick to find and easy to understand according to the rules of content language usability.

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    At the heart of Spitch’s philosophy is the commitment to provide customers with a rapid success in terms of cost savings and im-provement from the Customer Experience, offering a high ROI and helping to achieve long-term strategy and vision.